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Welcome to the Home Page of The Watford & District Talking Newspaper

What is in the weekly Watford Talking Newspaper?

News reports provided by The Watford Observer. The magazine section has items such as gardening, what's on, a recipe, football and radio recommendations. There are also audio versions of the local Council magazine About Watford.

In what format is the WTN available?

You can listen to the WTN using the British Wireless for the Blind player, or on this site. The WTN can also be accessed by phone. Dial 0330 22 33 452 and then choose menu option 4. Most listeners use a USB memory stick, which we send out in a yellow Freepost re-usable pouch. You listen to it, and return it to us via Freepost for use the next week.

How can I sign up for the WTN?

Phone Leigh Hutchings on 01923 248006 or email us on

How much does it cost?

The service is totally free.

What if I do not have have a suitable player?

We will provide you with a free one if you are Severely Sight Impaired (Blind) or Sight Impaired (visually impaired). No need for any official letter.

Will someone show me what to do?

We will make an appointment to deliver your player, and make sure you know how to use it before we leave. Everything will be explained, and you will be left an instruction sheet and contact phone number in case of problems.